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Now Available! ....... The Ultimate TV Experience! Imagine an entertainment experience that enables you to watch in one room, pause and continue in another room,  record your favorite shows and movies, Stream your recorded content to your Android or iOS devices.
  • Watch in one, pause and continue in another room
  • Record up to 6 shows at once
  • Record up to 150 hours of HD or 1,250  hours of SD video
  • Stream your recorded content to your Android or iOS devices with the VU-IT App!
  • Never miss your favorites with OnePass™
  • Integrated apps like Netflix, Hulu* and Pandora
  • Search live TV, recorded shows, and even streaming media simultaneously with the VU-IT app!
  • Zip through a slow-moving game
  • 30% faster with QuickMode™
  • Easy access to the latest apps & games

To order call 734-324-7190
You must subscribe to Wyandotte Cable Internet Service to take advantage of Vu-It! The new advanced set top box Wyandotte Cable is providing with this service is required. Service may be cancelled at any time. Available as an option in most of our cable packages. If you currently stream video or use Netflix, data usage would be the same with the new Wyandotte Cable advance set top box.


Volunteer opportunities and training classes are available. Join Wyandotte Cable Community Programming. Work on existing shows or create your own!  Call 734.324.7136.

Cable, Internet and Phone Bundle Package

Why should I choose Wyandotte Cable for Cable TV, Internet and Phone Service?

Wyandotte Cable is your one-stop Cable TV, Internet and Phone service provider. It’s reassuring to know Wyandotte Cable is your local service provider in Wyandotte where we focus on customer satisfaction and local service. We live and work here and support local businesses. So if you ever need us, we’re right around the corner. As Wyandotte Cable grows, we will continue to provide our customers with the latest products and services, while maintaining the highest level of reliability and customer care.

Wyandotte Cable offers the value and convenience of digital phone service to our customers.
Wyandotte Cable offers fast and reliable internet service at a good value to our customers.
Wyandotte Cable strives to deliver the highest level in cable television service for the best value to our customers.
Wyandotte Cable offers service packages that are a perfect fit and value for everyone’s budget.
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