Renewable Projects – Utility Scale

  • AMP Hydro – Meldahl/Greenup Project – 2.8 MW
  • Granger/NANR Landfill, 2.59 MW; North American Natural Resource (NANR) Landfill, 2.36 MW
  • Beebe Community Wind Farm, Ithaca, MI – 4.752 MW
  • Geothermal – total program over .2407 MW
  • Solar – Water buildings .342 MW
  • AMP - Blue Creekwind - 5.00 MW

Renewable Energy Plan (REP)

Michigan state law, Public Act 295, also known as the “Clean, Renewable and Efficient Energy Act”, that aims to help residents reduce their energy needs, mandates the development and implementation of an annual Renewable Energy Plan.
This document is available to view in PDF format. Current REP

EcoSmart Choice Renewable Electricity

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